Policy and Procedure
Covid-19 Reopening Plan

Our Church’s Specific Reopening Plan

Sanitation Plan

  1. Set up for Sanitation Stations:

We have two automated sanitizer stations one up stairs and one down.  We will have hand sanitizing stations at the top of the main stairs as well as each entrance.


  1. For Space(s) Used for Worship, Restrooms and other used Spaces:

Down stairs:  all the extra doors will be locked; everything will be closed off except the restrooms and space where overflow guest can be seated.  There will be sanitizer at the glass door and at the restrooms.

Upstairs: All extra items are removed (bibles, hymnals, cards, pencils, etc.).  All doors will be propped open.  We will have cleaning teams for after each service. 


  1. For Audio/Visual, Computer(s) and Instruments for Worship: 

 Each item used will be sanitized as they are used. We will only have live music at the 11 am service.

  1. For Serving Communion:

We will use the single serve cups/wafer. They will be placed in the pews ahead of time for the people needing them.

  1. For the Offering: 

We will have offering plates placed around so people can just drop their offerings into the plate, or they can use the online giving through this website : https://www.rochesterfmc.org/give/

  1. For Baptisms:

These will be handled on a case by case basis.


Worship Service Plan


  1. Layout of Room to meet distancing and number of allowable persons guidelines: 

Down stairs the chairs will be place 6ft apart – allowing for social distancing.  Up stairs we will be using every other pew, and switching the taped off ones between services.

  1. Use of Worship Teams:

At the 11 am service only, social distancing on stage, only people who would share a mic would be mother and daughter.

  1. Multiple Space Plans 

Down stairs will work as an overflow room and have live feed from upstairs. It has  its own restrooms and entrance. 

4. Plan for use of Building for Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, AA Meetings, Sunday School, Etc. 

Currently working on the re-opening of such programs for September

5. If you use the Children’s Ministry Exception, what is Your Plan for Spaces to be Used, Teachers, Sign-up for Parent and Child, Maintaining Social Distancing):

Currently working on the re-opening of such programs for September

6.Teen Ministry Plan to ensure that Cleansing, Wearing Masks and Social Distancing Protocols are Maintained at All Times: 

Currently utilizing Facebook for youth group, working on the re-opening of this for September

Weddings and Funerals will have to follow the same guidelines as Church service.